Oakbank weather - 14°C

34° 59.61' S | 138° 50.82' E | 370 metres

Current weather - Today

Last updated 21/09/17 7:14 AM

Software:weewx v3.6.2
Station uptime:18 days, 6 hours, 4 minutes
Server uptime:25 days, 2 hours, 7 minutes

Current conditions

Outside temperature13.8°C
Feels like 12.2°C (Cold)
Temperature trend (last hour)0.4°C
Heat Index13.8°C
Outside humidity46%
Barometer1008 mbar
Barometer trend (3 hours)1 mbar
Wind 0 km/h N/A ( N/A)
Rain rate0.0 mm/h
Inside temperature & humidity17.1°C | 48%

Forecast for Mt Barker, SA

Issued at 05:15AM CST on Thu 21 Sep 2017

Forecast for the rest of Thursday
Forecast icon Mostly sunny.
Max 20
Chance of rain: 5%
Friday 22 Sep
Forecast icon Mostly sunny.
Min 6 Max 26
Chance of rain: 5% Rain amount: 0 mm
Saturday 23 Sep
Forecast icon Shower or two. Windy.
Min 12 Max 20
Chance of rain: 70% Rain amount: 2 to 10 mm
Sunday 24 Sep
Forecast icon Shower or two. Windy.
Min 8 Max 15
Chance of rain: 70% Rain amount: 1 to 4 mm
Monday 25 Sep
Forecast icon Possible shower.
Min 6 Max 17
Chance of rain: 30% Rain amount: 0 to 0.4 mm
Tuesday 26 Sep
Forecast icon Sunny.
Min 5 Max 20
Chance of rain: 5% Rain amount: 0 mm
Wednesday 27 Sep
Forecast icon Possible shower.
Min 10 Max 21
Chance of rain: 40% Rain amount: 0 to 1 mm
The next routine forecast will be issued at 04:00PM CST Thursday

Since midnight

Outside conditions

Maximum temperature17.8°C12:34 AM
Minimum temperature13.2°C6:05 AM
Heat Index17.8°C12:34 AM
Windchill13.2°C6:05 AM
Maximum dewpoint2.5°C7:08 AM
Minimum dewpoint-1.8°C1:34 AM
Maximum humidity47%6:53 AM
Minimum humidity27%12:18 AM
Maximum barometer1009 mbar12:00 AM
Minimum barometer1007 mbar3:22 AM
Total rain0.0 mm
Maximum rain rate0.0 mm/h12:00 AM


Maximum wind34 km/h 317°12:35 AM
Average wind3 km/h
RMS wind4 km/h
Wind vector average & direction4 km/h348°

Inside temperature

Maximum temperature18.3°C12:00 AM
Minimum temperature17.1°C6:08 AM
Maximum humidity52%12:00 AM
Minimum humidity48%5:11 AM

Current radar image


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First light:5:39 AM
Sunrise:6:05 AM
Transit:12:07 PM
Sunset:6:10 PM
Last light:6:36 PM
Right ascension:178.3°
Equinox:23/09/17 5:31 AM
Solstice:22/12/17 2:57 AM


Rise:6:45 AM
Transit:12:54 PM
Set:7:10 PM
Right ascension:188.0°
Full moon:06/10/17 5:10 AM
New moon:20/10/17 5:42 AM
(1% full)